Balkadia is a difficult 2D action-platformer with Slavic mythology influences and 8-directional whip mechanics. Your only weapon is the whip - it cuts through enemies like butter, uses them as throwable objects and can act as a shield.

Balkadia's main inspiration is Super Castlevania IV. The goal was to recreate the core mechanics of SCV4, and then expand upon them. Not a metroidvania.

In Balkadia you will stumble across many Slavic symbols and face off against famous monsters from Slavic mythology. An evil cult has kidnapped your son and intends to use him as a sacrifice to summon the most powerful Slavic creature in the world.

Balkadia can work with any controller recognized by your operating system, but the keyboard is required during the initial configuration. The menu contains a traditional configuration screen where individual inputs can be changed. Direct input is also supported.

Every graphical asset in Balkadia is made with 4K in mind and is then scaled down for lower resolutions. The game also supports aspect ratios up to 32:9, so your ultrawide monitor will always be filled up.

If you’re a retro gamer with a 5:4 monitor or an old-school 4:3 tube TV, you’ll be pleased to know that Balkadia is not locked to widescreen. At a really low retro resolution like 640x480, Balkadia will play mostly fine even on a single core CPU with 2GB of ram, but a dual-core is recommended to achieve stable 60fps (Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD Athlon 64 X2).

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